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I want these glass wings to be a symbol of freedom, unity, strength and power, a focus for people of all faiths and none, to remember the loss of loved ones and contemplate the effects of the pandemic.


This 10ft high instillation has been made up of over 100 glass feathers, individually sculpted in clear glass with fine canework inclusions. Each feather is hung from the bones of the wings, forged beautifully in metal by Ryan harms.


Surrounded by the magnificent architecture of St Albans Cathedral, the light created by the stained glass Rose window and flickering candlelight brings them to life.

St.Albans Cathedral

From 19th April to 15th May  2021

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Layne Rowe is an extremely gifted glass artist whose approach to colour, form and surface pattern has evolved radically. Layne’s journey in glass began in 1994 during his degree course in 3D design at the University of Central Lancashire.


On graduating he worked at London Glassblowing for a number of years before moving to Brazil where he set up a glass studio before rejoining Peter Layton. He currently makes work from his own studio in Cambridgeshire still placing the necessity to work with fellow artists.