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Inspired by his love for birds.

Sculpted feathers with light, delicate detail have lead to large scale wings named ‘Pure Intensions’ and his Quill n’ Ink series, comprised of a set of five different feathers with different coloured ink, underlined with a poem.

Layne reverts to child hood memories for inspiration. where his love for birds began and  Wishing for the ability to fly with the power of vision.. Sculpted feathers with light ,delicate details have lead to large scale wings named (Pure intensions) and his Quill n ink series underlined with a poem .

The soldier

 An Eagle Feather

Using the enemy’s blood as ink

He writes of war


A mother

A hens Feather

Using sweet pink ink

She writes of love


A mourner

A ravens Feather

Black despairing ink

He writes of death



A poetic Blue phoenix

He writes with dreams

Dipped in imagination

And create a better world


A Beauty

A Swan feather

With Dazzling White ink

She writes of this repulsive world

Quill n Ink Set Round.jpg
Set Gold.jpg
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