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Made by Glass Artists Layne Rowe and Andy Collins


As a child I grew up being part of a local boxing club where my Dad was a trainer.

It was enjoyable physically and very rewarding mentally, finding control and discipline and gaining empathy for the sport.

A sport with fine traditions that has many shades of interpretation. Respect should be given for it, without question.


Twenty-five years later, when I took a marker pen and inscribed LOVE on each glove, my Dad and I shared a nod, with a moment of understanding to what the gloves now represented.

Each glove was casted in plaster to create a two piece mould

Hot Glass was then blown into each mould taking on as much detail as possible.  Once the pieces were cooled in a controlled atmosphere, they were then cut, ground and drilled using diamond tools.

The final touches involved sandblasting and gold leaf gilding.

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