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The emotional connection the public have to the corona virus will promotes a very personal experience. these majestic wings, displayed in front of the beautiful rose window creates an awe-inspiring visual experience, which captivate their audience. The public have the opportunity to take pictures in front of the wings, making them look like Angels.

Installation at St.Albans Cathedral 

from 19th April to 15th May  2021

Ely Cathedral

from 20th June to 20th August


RHS Chelsea Flower Show

from 24th May to 28th May  2022



My studies in 3d design started in 1988 at Shephalbury art college, Stevenage.   Ryan Harms attended the same course and we both became good friends with the same interests.

When the course ended, we both went onto further studies. Ryan went to study metal work in Carmarthen, Wales. And I went to Lancashire University to study glass and jewellery design. This was the last contact we had until reaching out through social media during the covid pandemic.


The Solace project was an idea inspired by covid that has become a vehicle to bring our skills together after 29 years

This is a project we only dreamt of working on all those years ago and is a great pleasure to both be apart of in present day. we have reunited with the skills to create ‘Solace’ to intern help bring people together and create a symbol for unity and strength.

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